Essence of Hygge

Home products & Fragrances made with 100% ethically-sourced hyggE Extract


They said it couldn't be done: create a range of fragrances and products for the home that harness the pure essence of hygge.

Well, today VisitDenmark is proud to announce the world's first line of luxury hygge products.

Now everyone can buy and instantly experience a little bit of hygge for themselves. Welcome to the age of Hygge.

What is “Essence of Hygge?”

Essence of Hygge is a naturally-occuring substance first discovered in 1918 by Danish horticulturalist Torben Hansen, while searching for the rare and elusive Middlefart Orchid. The flower’s powerful enzyme, phosphohyggenase, was discovered by accident while Hansen conducted various experiments in an attempt to eradicate pollen allergy. Unfortunately, he was struck down by a mysterious illness from which he never recovered, preventing him from documenting his groundbreaking discovery. Sadly, his groundbreaking knowledge and research was lost in the sands of time.

Until now.

How did we get it?

In 2013, the Hansen estate released several unpublished manuscripts from an old chest in the attic, documenting Hansen’s research. For the past four years, VisitDenmark’s Applied Sciences Division has been secretly hard at work, and using the latest cutting-edge procedures, to extract the Hansen enzyme, distilling it into concentrated Essence of Hygge.

Today we’re proud to share the results with you, in a sustainable and high-quality product Danes are known for: hand-crafted fragrances and beauty products. Our ethically-sourced hygge harvesters hand pick the rare but beautiful Middlefart Orchids using sustainable methods and put them through the complex processes needed to derive Essence of Hygge. The extract is then hand-filtered by our Comf-ologists at our laboratoire in Hørsens through at least four hand-knit sweaters in strict candle-lit conditions to preserve the photosensitive raw materials. Finally, we distill the Essence with aggressively-foraged botanicals and organic industrial-purpose alcohol in a highly complex patent-pending process that creates our world-class fragrances and home cleaning products. 

What it can do for you?

More like, “What can’t it do for you?” Our Extract of Hygge products offer numerous health benefits including, but not limited to, improved sense of wellbeing, heightened focus and energy, and a distinct aversion to overuse of smartphones and social media.

By regular use, Essence of Hygge will help you appear more relaxed and attractive to your peers, equip you with better eyesight and an inclination to cuddle, cook together and take a long walk. Some happy customers have even told us they have experienced a mild to moderate spring in their step. What’s more, our Applied Sciences Division’s benchmark tests have concluded that Essence of Hygge products make the average user 70% more huggable.*

Without further ado, we proudly present our unique range of luxury boutique products that will enhance your life, and the lives of those around you.